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Low Visual Aids

We are proud to be part of the Low Vision Service in Wales and we take pride in helping people with Low Vision change their lives for the better.

Low Vision Assessments

Low Vision patients can suffer in silence and not know that there is help out there for them and their families. That's where we come in to help. There are a range of eye conditions that can cause people to have very poor eyesight and sometimes ordinary spectacles cannot help enough.

Our Low Vision assessments at Morrice-Evans Opticians take into account the patient's eye condition, their current living and social conditions and what problems they are experiencing on a daily basis.

Low Vision assessments aren't just about Magnifiers - they are about the patient and how they are coping mentally, physically and emotionally. We council patients on their eye condition offering advice and potential aids available so that we can obtain the best visual standard we can for them with a range of Low Vision Aids.


There are a huge array of Hand Magnifiers available for Low Vision Patients. Based on your current visual standards we will select a range of magnifiers for you to try taking into account what you actually want and need them for.

Powers can range from low to moderate magnification to very high powers. There is an excellent range to choose from with brands such as Eschenbach, Coil and many more offering LED lighting technology for improved contrast.

Spectacle Telescopes

There are also a range of spectacle mounted telescopes available for Low Vision patients. These telescopes are adjustable to suit different viewing distances for television, theatre / cinema viewing.

Electronic Magnifiers

We are able to supply compact electronic magnifiers for Low Vision patients. These state of the art CCTV devices can increase magnification up to 40x and can also connect to a Television for even larger screen viewing. They are approximately the size of a digital camera and can be transported easily in your pocket with a bright LED backlight and stand.

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